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Can I pick up my books at NSA?
Is this your first year? Then you can be helped during the faculty introduction to order your books if you have not already done so. Your books will then be delivered to the NSA room. If you have already ordered books and have indicated that you will collect them (so do not have them delivered at home), this also goes through the NSA. In both cases you will receive a schedule at the beginning of the academic year with your pick-up time. Students from higher years simply receive the books at home and do not have a fixed collection time.

Machiavelli offers a low-price-guarantee for purchases prior to and during the term in which the textbook is needed. If you can demonstrate that the textbook is being sold for a lower price at a different (online) bookstore in the Netherlands, you will receive the price difference from Machiavelli. So-called third-party deliveries (deliveries where an online bookstore different from the bookstore you visited is involved; this third party delivers the book) are excluded from this guarantee.

Machiavelli offers a money-back-guarantee for purchases prior to and during the term in which the textbook is needed. This guarantee only applies if the teacher has made clear that the book is not needed at all. Machiavelli retains the right to verify information with your teacher.

Can I discuss these guarantees at Smartbooks?
Yes, that is possible. Please bring your receipt when visiting us. You do have to meet the above requirements.
Which textbooks should I buy at Machiavelli?
Only the textbooks that you need for your study. The information on this site is selected specifically for Machiavelli members. Members can rest assured that our information on textbooks is right.
How much reduction do I get on my textbooks if I'm a Machiavelli member?
As a Machiavelli member, you can get great deals on textbooks. For more information, see the paragraph under 'Guarantee'. Buying textbooks from students' unions is always cheaper than elsewhere.
Does Machiavelli sell second-hand books?
Sure! You can buy second-hand books from other Machiavelli members who are selling books.

What price do I pay?
The price differs per book. During the ordering process, you can choose either 'used' or 'intensively used'. In the last case you pay even less, but then the book will contain more markings and notes.

Can I sell textbooks myself?
You can offer your textbooks for sale when you no longer need them. Machiavelli informs you twice a year via email when you can offer your books through this site.

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